DK Silverleaf’s Earth Quake

DK Silverleaf’s Earth Quake

DK Silverleaf's Earth Quake • DK Silverleaf • Norsk Skovkatte • Norwegian Forest cats

Born: 17/10/17
Gender: Male
EMS: NFO ns 01 21 62
HCM: Will be scanned
GSD4: Normal
PK def: Parents Normal

Sire: CH S*Pax’ Julius, JW, NFO ns 01 21 62
Dam: DK Silverleaf’s Hot Sauce, NFO f 03 23

Pedigree: Pawpeds

About Earth Quake: A wonderful combination of his parents. Naughty as his dad but also sweet as his mother. He is always happy and running with his tail up like a dog – and always around you, ready to lend you a paw if you need it (also if you don’t need it!). Earth Quake is a very funny boy that never rest for long. He always have a mission and often it includes jumping the older cats in the house which is not making him particularly popular but it gives him a lot of fun!


1 year, 2 months

11 weeks

8 weeks

3 weeks