DK Silverleaf’s Kalecgos

DK Silverleaf’s Kalecgos

DK Silverleaf's Kalecgos • DK Silverleaf • Norsk Skovkatte • Norwegian Forest cats

Gender: Male

Colour: Black silver classic tabby with white

EMS: NFO ns 09 22 (Amber carrier)

Born: 11-07-2019

Ready to move: After 17-10-2019

Dam: DK Silverleaf’s She’s my Kind of Girl
SireCH DK Silverleaf’s Slowpoke

Pedigree: Pawpeds

About Kalecgos: Kalecgos is full of fun and he is more often seen dancing sideways in kitten play than running normally on all four paws. He approcahes life as if it was one big party and if you’re not already in a good mood, then you will be in a good mood when you’re around him. Kalecgos is very much “In your face”. When he see’s humans, he knows it means either food or playtime and he absolutely loves both, so he is purring like mad as soon as he see’s us. He is very sweet and loves to cuddle with his mom and his siblings, when he is not playing with them.

DK Silverleaf's SindragosahunNFO ns 03 22Flyttet
DK Silverleaf's KalecgoshanNFO ns 09 22 (amber bærer)Flyttet
DK Silverleaf's OnyxiahunNFO ns 03 22Flyttet
DK Silverleaf's YserahunNFO ns 09Reserveret
DK Silverleaf's MalygoshanNFO ns 09 22 (amber bærer)Flyttet
DK Silverleaf's GalakrondhanNFO as 03 22 (amber bærer)Flyttet


14 weeks/uger

11 weeks/uger

5 weeks/uger