DK Silverleaf’s Linguine

DK Silverleaf’s Linguine

DK Silverleaf's Linguine • DK Silverleaf • Norsk Skovkatte • Norwegian Forest cats

Gender: Male

Colour: Black bicolor classic tabby

EMS: NFO n 03 22

Born: 03/07/2019
Ready to move: Omkring 10/10/2019

Dam: IT*Beauty’s Flight Divina Scarlett O’Hara
Sire: SW S*Bökestorps Hjalmar Gullberg, JW

Pedigree: Pawpeds

About Linguine: Linguine is the big strong bear in the litter. He got huge paws and for me, an amazing expression. He is a very happy and big boy that loves food and playing. If he wakes up before the rest, he will make sure that everybody wakes up quickly by jumping them, one by one, untill enough of the others are chasing him around. You rarely see the kittens wrestle without Linguine on top of their games.

DK Silverleaf's TortellinifemaleNFO f 02 21 62Stays
DK Silverleaf's LinguinemaleNFO n 03 22Moved
DK Silverleaf's RigatonifemaleNFO f 22Moved
DK Silverleaf's CorzettimaleNFO n 01 21 62Moved
DK Silverleaf's RotellefemaleNFO f 03 22Stays
DK Silverleaf's CappellettifemaleNFO fs 22Moved


14 weeks old

12 weeks old

6 weeks old

1 week, 4 days

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