D*Muffin’s Éowyn

IC D*Muffin’s Éowyn

D*Muffin's Éowyn • DK Silverleaf • Norsk Skovkatte • Norwegian Forest cats

Born: 31-07-15
Gender: Hun
EMS: NFO n 09 22
HCM: Scanned normal 15-03-19 & 13-02-17
PK def: N/N

Sire: Ice Lanke Valentino, NFO n 22
Dam: Esbjerg’s Bernadette, NFO n 09 22

Pedigree: Pawpeds
Breeder: Muffin’s

About Éowyn: Have any of you tried to notice a kitten, fall madly in love with it and then realize that the kitten ‘Stays at home’? I tried that last year at a very dear friend, and the more I looked at the kitten, the more in love I fell. I knew that she would never be mine. Then one day everything changed, it actually became possible for me to welcome her into our family!
I am very proud to present our new family member: D*Muffin’s Éowyn. I am so extremely happy and thankful that she is now mine. Thank you SO much dear Sebastian and Sabrina Kaiser for entrusting us with this fantastic girl and thank you for our wonderful friendship. I can’t stop smiling and I will do everything I possibly can, to give her the best home in the world.