Welcome to DK Silverleaf

DK Silverleaf is a small cattery of Norwegian Forest cats and Abyssinians located one hour from Copenhagen, Denmark. My cats are first of all my pets, and of course they live inside the house with me, sticking their nose into everything I am doing. You are always welcome to call me and come for a visit to meet us. You will also be able to meet us at various cat shows in and outside of Denmark.


31-10-17 – In the weekend DK Silverleaf was at the FIFe World Show 2017 in The Netherlands and we had amazing results! CH S*Pax’ Julius, JW got CACIB with tough competition. GIC DK Shadowpaw’s Purple Rain also got his certificate with even bigger competition. He also became Best in Variety AND NOMINATED FOR BEST IN SHOW! That means that he is now also Distinguished Variety Merit. He was the only Norwegian Forestcat who got votes on the stage. He got 3 votes and the winner got 6 votes. He did not become World Winner officially but to me, he will always be a World Winner.

17-10-17 – DK Silverleaf’s Hot Sauce and CH S*Pax’ Julius, JW became parents to a big litter this night. Seven babies have been welcomed into the world and they are so beautiful. For more info about them, please visit their own page here: The Weather litter.

03-09-17 – Fantastic weekend in Hedensted. The ABBA litter became Best in Show both days. Furthermore Zaphira became EX1+NOM both days, She’s My Kind of Girl became EX1+BIV+NOM both days and Best in Show sunday. DK Silverleaf’s Waterloo became EX1 both days, DK Silverleaf’s Take a Chance on Me became EX1+NOM+Best in Show saturday and EX2 sunday.

02-09-17 – We are expecting kittens between CH S*Pax’ Julius, JW & DK Silverleaf’s Hot Sauce!

23-07-17 – In Brejning we had awsome results! Fe became Champion, Tequila became NOM, Julius became Best in Variety, NOM and Best in Show. At the same time the Abba litter have started to move to their new wonderful homes.

04-07-17 – The cocktail litter have now moved to their new families. We wish then a long and happy life in their new wonderful families.

14-06-17 – Éowyn and Julius‘ litter are two months old today. Have a look in their own page.

12-05-17 – Desdemona and Snipers litter are two months old today. They are getting big and beautiful.

27-04-17 – Tick’a and Kiksen became parents to a beautiful blue boy. He got his own page here.

14-04-17 – Julius and Éowyn’s kittens arrived. We welcome a beautiful Abba litter.

02-04-17 – In Århus the second day Purple Rain became Best in Show and Julius became EX1, Best in Variety and Best in Show!

01-04-17 – In Århus Purple Rain became Grand International Champion, Best in Variety and Best in Show and Julius became EX1, Best in Variety and Best in Show!

12-03-17 – Desdemona and Snipers litter have been born. We welcome four beautiful babies, please have a look at their page.

26-02-17 – Purple Rain became Best in Show and Julius became Best in Variety, Best in Show, Best in Category and BEST OF BEST (all breed/ages) in Warsaw.

25-02-17 – S*Pax’ Julius is now JUNIOR WINNER!

25-02-17 – Julius became Best in Variety, Best in Show, Best in Category and BEST OF BEST (all breed/ages) in Warsaw.

13-02-17 – Purple Rain and Éowyn is scanned HCM normal which we are very happy about since health means a lot to us.

05-02-17 – Julius had an amazing day in Nærum. He became Best in Show with very tough competition.

29-01-17 – Purple Rain did it again with a Best in Show more and this time also a Best of Best 3!

28-01-17 – Purple Rain won his first Best in Show and it was even a Best of Best 4, Best silver cat on the show and Julius also became Best in Show!!

20-11-16 – We are very proud to welcome D*Muffin’s Éowyn into our family.

15.11.16 – New pictures of the Pokemon litter is online. Have a look on their own pages.

13.11.16 – S*Pax’ Julius beacme Best in Show and BEST KAT. 2 CAT ON THE SHOW in Poznan!

12.11.16 – Purple Rain became International Champion and S*Pax’ Julius became Best in Show in Poznan!

23.10.16 – Dan-Queen Fe was Best in Show in Kolding!

11.09.16 – Lexus and Rengar’s litter arrived today! They are beautiful! You can see them soon on their own page.

14.08.16 – New pictures of both the BBQ litter and the Lady Gaga litter

27.06.16 – Mona and Payne’s kittens have arrived!

09.06.16 – Daenerys and Celtics kittens have arrived!

15.05.16 – Daenerys and Desdemona are both expecting kittens. Look in our plans to see more.

07.03.16 – Tick’a and Ignacio went on their first show this weekend, and became Best of Best 1 and Best of Best 2 kitten! I still can’t get my arms down from cheering and happiness!

20.02.16 – I am very proud to present our new member of the family: S*Pax’ Ignacio. Thank you Jörgen and Charlotta for this wonderful boy!

06.02.16 – Rico Erta Alle*PL, JW became number 10 on Felis Danicas Topcatlist 2015 for kittens!

15.01.16 – Rico Erta Alle*PL, JW became number 2 on Racekattens Topcatlistkatteliste 2015 for kittens and he is also number 2 categori 3 cat all over in Racekatten 2015. I am incredibly proud of him :)

13.01.16 – We just received the first results from 2015.  Not less than three DK Silverleaf cat’s are on Norsk Skovkatterings Topcatlist 2015.

GIP DK Robdrup’s Sebastian Vettel no. 5 on Norsk Skovkattering’s Topcatlist for neuters.

DK Shadowpaw’s Purple Rain no. 7 on Norsk Skovkattering’s Topcatlist for kittens.

DK Silverleaf’s Alice Cullen no. 9 on Norsk Skovkattering’s Topcatlist for kittens.

I don’t think I need to say it, but I am so incredibly proud of them. Not only are they wonderful beloved pets, but they are also doing very well on shows. I can’t wish for more at all.

24.12.15 – The year 2015 have been nothing but absolutely fantastic for us. We are very proud of the show results that counts 10x Best in Show, more nominations, a Junior Winner, two International Champion’s and a Grand International Premier title. On top of that, 2015 was the year where we welcomed yet another beautiful litter. Last but not least, it became the year where the first male moved into our house, DK Shadowpaw’s Purple Rain who is everything I hoped for and more than that.

Thank you to both friends, kitten buyers and business partners for an amazing year. We welcome 2016 with a huge smile and lots of hopes.

02.11.15 – We have had an amazing weekend in Ølstykke. Saturday a very happy Maserati and Ferrari joined us at the show with their families. We had Lexus with us as well and the litter got judged by Anne Køhn. Anne spent a lot of time on the babies and they had an awesome experience and they also became best in Show. I am extremely proud of them and their families. Thank you so much for coming – I hope we see you in the future at other shows.

Lexus was also judged by Alessandro Ghibaudo and she charmed him big time and got EX1. Silmarien who haven’t been on a show since March got judged by Stéphane Henry who gave her CAGCIB and s lot of big smiles and cuddles. Sunday Lexus went to see Charles Spijker and he loved her color and playfull mood. She got an EX1 and a wonderful experience more. Silmarien had a reunion with Anne Køhn who loved her beautiful eyes just as much this time as on World Show last year. She got a CAGCIB more and lots of praise.

I am so very proud of the kittens and their new families <3

07.09.15 – We have had an awesome weekend in Ribe. Saturday we only had Rico on the show and he enjoyed himself a lot. He also got a nice EX1.  Sunday Purple Rain had his debut as a showcat. We also had Vettel and Rico with us. Vettel charmed himself to a CAPS more. Purple Rain surprised all of us with EX1 and he also got nominated to Best in Show! On the stage he got 2 out of 5 votes and was just so cool about it all. We are very proud of him. Rico got an EX1 more and also a nomination for Best in Show. On the stage he did a homerun with 5 out of 5 votes and became Best in Show. On top of that it was his 5th Best in Show so he is now officially Junior Winner! It’s no secret that we almost flew home in the car. I am very very happy about my wonderful cats and very proud of them.

31.07.15 – Wonderful Maserati is now booked for a very sweet family in Holte, our plans is now updated and I am very happy to reveal that we are getting a new family member next week. DK Shadowpaw’s Purple Rain is moving in and he is DK Silverleaf’s first male.

23.07.15 – It’s now a final decision. Lexus is gonna stay in the cattery, so the three wonderful boys are looking for new loving homes. For more info, have a look at the Need For Speed Litters own site.

11.07.15 – Home from a wonderful day in Brejning. Rico charmed himself to an EX1 more. He also became BIV and NOM. He got one out of three votes on the stage, but enjoyed himself so much. I am so very proud of him. He also became Best of Breed, so what more could I ever ask for.

05.07.15 – We are now home from Poland and oh dear some results! Saturday Daenerys got her CAC, Vettel got CAPS and he became BEST IN SHOW with all 5 votes on stage! This was not the end, he also won over the female neuter who became BOX. Rico impressed us with EX1 and a BEST IN SHOW more. Sunday Daenerys got yet another CAC so she is now Champion and Vettel got his CAPS and Rico became EX1 and BEST IN SHOW again. I am so proud of them and I could not be more happy, I think.

20.06.15 – We have had an awsome day in Vejle. Vettel got his CAPS, Daenerys got her CAC and Rico went all in with both EX1, NOM, BIV and BEST IN SHOW! And not only that, he also enjoyed every second of the trip.

02.06.15 – The wonderful babies have arrived. 4 beautiful kittens- the Need For Speed litter.

24.04.15 – Silmarien is finally home from France and we are very happy to announce that we are expecting kittens in the beginning og June 2015.

09.03.15 – Silmarien became CACIB yesterday, so she is now International Champion. Furthermore she became BIV! Today she got her first CAGCIB and can look forward to a long well deserved summer break full of love.

01.03.15Vettel got his last CAGPIB yesterday, so he is now Grand International Premier. Today he got his first CAPS & became NOM! Alice became EX1 yesterday, EX1 today and BIV. DK Silverleaf’s Twilight litter became BIS both days – what a weekend!

19.01.15 Cerin Amroth’s Silmarien is scanned HCM normal today, which we – of course – are very happy about.

01.12.14DK Silverleaf’s Bella Swan is now booked for Lene, Lars and Laura from Amager.

16.11.14 – DK Silverleaf’s Edward Cullen is now booked to Carl and Anne in Virum.

09.11.14DK Silverleaf’s Jacob Black is now booked to Dorthe in Næstved.

03.11.14 – Darak’s show in Haslev was an amazing experience. Saturday Danny got EX2, Silmarien got her CAC and sunday Silmarien got a CAC more and is now Champion. Danny became EX1, BIV, NOM and Best in Show!

28.10.14 – Home again after an amazing trip to World Show 2014 in Prague. Daenerys got ex3 with a really nice judgement. Vettel got his certificate and also a really nice judgement. Silmarien got her first certificate in open class, only 10 months and 22 days old, and she even got nominated for BIS. We are extremely proud of all three of them and look very much forward to see what the future holds for us.

21.10.14DK Silverleaf’s Emmet Cullen is now booked to the Steffensen Family from Glostrup.

21.10.14DK Silverleaf’s Jasper Hale and DK Silverleaf’s Billy Black is now booked to Sara from Copenhagen.

19.10.14 – The kittens own sites are now updated with texts and pictures.

16.10.14 – New baby pictures on the Kittens page. They are everywhere and they are having a party.

29.09.14 – Results on the Shows page updated with the weekends results.

25.09.14 – New baby pictures on the Kittens page. They now all have eyes and are practicing purring.

13.09.14 – Pictures of the kittens are on their site

09.09.14 – Mona gave birth to 7 wonderful kittens. For more info and pictures please have a look at the Kittens page.