FiFé Fédération Internationale Féline
Felis Danica
JYRAK – The club I am a member of
Norsk Skovkattering – Special club in Denmark that I am a member of
Skogkattslingan – Special club in  Sweden  that I am a member of
Norsk Skogkattring – Special club in Norway  that I am a member of


DK Shadowpaw Purple Rain and Zaphiras breeder
IT*Beauty’s Flight Divina’s breeder
N*Skaujenta’s Unni’s breeder
D*Muffin’s NFO Éowyn and Galates breeder
S*Bökestorps Hjalmars breeder (Sire to The Pasta litter)
S*Silenthill’s Payne’s owners (Sire to The Lady Gaga litter)
Tour d’Eden Will’s owners (Sire to The Need for Speed litter)

Things I recommend

The place where I buy my shampoo’s and grooming products for my cats:
Lone, my cats chiropractor
Links • DK Silverleaf • Norsk Skovkatte • Norwegian Forest cats
Gørlev Dyreklinik, the place where my cats get treated whenever they need it
Universitetshospitalet for Familiedyr – the place where my cats are being HCM scanned
UC Davis – the place I use for other genetic tests