Need for Speed litter

DK Silverleaf’s Need for Speed litter

Need for Speed litter • DK Silverleaf • Norsk Skovkatte • Norwegian Forest cats


Dam: IC Cerin Amroth’s Silmarien, (NFO ats 22), light amber silver blotched tabby

Sire: CH Will vom Trollberg, (NFO nts 22), amber silver blotched tabby

Born: 02/06/2015

Pedigree: Pawpeds

Ready to move:

About the litter: The Need For Speed litter is eating a lot and purring a lot. They have been eating real food and using trays since they were 3½ weeks old.

Every one of them conquer your heart with their wonderful characters and it’s very hard to get anything done in the home at all right now, because we just enjoy looking at the babies, cuddle them and play with them. It is so fun and such a joy to see the kittens reactions as soon as we get close to the pen. If you have a plate of food for them, they wait patiently to get the food served and then they all sit around the plate with their mother, Silmarien and enjoy their food.

If you come in their pen, you need to be very careful where you place your feet and behind, because they are everywhere around you and as soon as the first kitten have stolen the good cuddle spot on the lap, you just sit there and enjoy looking at the others playing and waiting for their cuddle turn. I absolutely love every one of them :-)

Name Gender Color Status
DK Silverleaf's Lamborghini male NFO ats 22 moved
DK Silverleaf's Ferrari male NFO nts 22 moved
DK Silverleaf's Maserati male NFO ats 22 moved
DK Silverleaf's Lexus female NFO ats 22 stays at home

No decisions will be final regarding the kittens future homes before they are at least 6-7 weeks old. Their new homes will be carefully picked after their temper and buyers family situation. That way I can do my best to ensure the kitten and the buyers future joy of each other. If You are interested to hear more about one or more of the kittens, please feel free to contact me for a talk and a visit. You are also welcome to have a look at the “Buying a kitten”-site for a description of the terms my kittens will find new homes on. You can also follow them on DK Silverleaf’s Facebook site –