DK Silverleaf’s She’s My Kind of Girl

DK Silverleaf’s She’s My Kind of Girl

DK Silverleaf's She's My Kind of Girl • DK Silverleaf • Norsk Skovkatte • Norwegian Forest cats

Born: 14-04-17
Gender: Female
EMS: NFO ns 02 21
HCM: Scanned normal 03-09-18
PK def: N/N

Dam: D*Muffin’s Éowyn, NFO n 09 22
Sire: IC S*Pax’ Julius, JW, NFO ns 01 21 62

Pedigree: Pawpeds

About She’s My Kind of Girl: Chili as her daily name is, is a very talkative girl. She is always happy and playful. You might never see her play with traditional cat toys,- but she is creative! If a straw, a paper or a pen is missing, it is for sure something Chili have stolen from you. She is making every day into a party and she test my patience on a daily basis, but I would not be without her for anything in the world. She is adult now, but in her mind, she will always be very much like her father,- a little naughty fun kid and I absolutely love her temper.
She is the mother of the My Little Pony litter and the Warcraft Dragons litter.


2½ year

1½ year

1 year, 3 months


14 weeks old

12 weeks old

9 weeks old

8 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

4 weeks old

2½ weeks old

No decisions will be final regarding the kittens future homes before they are at least 6-7 weeks old. Their new homes will be carefully picked after their temper and buyers family situation. That way I can do my best to ensure the kitten and the buyers future joy of each other. If You are interested to hear more about one or more of the kittens, please feel free to contact me for a talk and a visit. You are also welcome to have a look at the “Buying a kitten”-site for a description of the terms my kittens will find new homes on. You can also follow them on DK Silverleaf’s Facebook site –