S*Pax’ Julius

SW SC S*Pax’ Julius, JW DVM DSM

S*Pax' Julius • DK Silverleaf • Norsk Skovkatte • Norwegian Forest cats

Born: 04-06-16
Gender: Male
EMS: NFO ns 01 21 62
HCM: Scanned normal 17-12-18 & 06-04-17
PK def: N/N

Sire: SW Colletto’s Hansi Hinterseer
Dam: Toonscat’s Kandis

Pedigree: Pawpeds
Breeder: S*Pax

About Julius: Naughty, playful, very sweet, feet chewing, very talking and loving that is a perfect description of S*Pax’ Julius. Not only is he extremely beautiful and a boy we have big hopes for in our future breeding. He is also a joy to look at, to cuddle with and play with every single day. I love every bit of him. He is not so much a kitten anymore and he have done very well on shows as well.